Lighthouse of Santa Maria di Leuca visits

A fantastic opportunity to visit the Lighthouse of Santa Maria di Leuca and the 
breathtaking view that gives us its height.

On the following dates:
6 April, 6 May, 6 June, 6 and 24 July, 6 September, you can book your guided tour and 
admire Leuca from above and the meeting between the Ionian and Adriatic Seas
In particular Friday 6 SEPTEMBER 2019 there will be a demonstration on the occasion
 of the 152th anniversary of the first lighting of the historic Lighthouse of Santa Maria
 di Leuca. 
Historians and photographers who have expressed interest and written about the lighthouses of
 Italy and Europe will be invited to this event, in particular on the lighthouse of Leuca, 
local authority and, above all, young people to spread, especially in the new generations, 
the knowledge and historical, monumental and social importance of lighthouses and lanterns 
in Italy and throughout Europe. 
For info and reservations