Restauro Masseria Palane

The Restoration

We were looking for something special to make reality our ” Salentino Dream.”

A buiding that at first sight was able to transmit all the positivity that a change of life needs.

Paola, the architect, has walked up and down the narrow streets of Capo di Leuca, looking for  that place that could have all the characteristics we had clear in our thoughts and in our minds.

One day, it was the Masseria Palane who find us!

Built in a very fertile plain at the foot of the ancient Vereto hill, hidden from predators of the sea and surrounded by small streets lined with uninterrupted rows of dry stone walls, the masseria represents the archaic Salento. The building was huge massive and silent, and when we discovered it showed the sign of time and neglect.

His original plan has suffered many modifications, that changed the plan depending on usage. Its interior, despite the signs of abandonment, abducted us and made to fall in love. From the first moment has raised up a great serenity and want to restore it to its original glory respecting the simplicity of its lines.

Thanks to the experience of local workers and the perseverance of Paola that has done all the work, we chose renewable energy functional floor heating, we painted the walls in lime water, and given splendor to the vaulted ancient ceiling in all the rooms.

he inner courtyard has been thought as a place of reunion. The respect of the decorative elements of the pillars and the natural color of the tuffs and chianche means that the historical memory of the building remains unchanged even today.

A restoration that he wanted to join the beautiful and ancient origins with the functionality of modern technology.